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Three Day Indiana Golf Getaway Under $500

Welcome to the Hoosier State! This Midwestern gem has a lot to offer golf enthusiasts. From well-manicured fairways to stunning natural landscapes, Indiana's golf courses provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all players. We have gathered rates from a handful of golf courses and hotels, as well as restaurants in the surrounding areas and planned a three day golf trip in Indiana for you and 3 of your friends.

Day 1

  • Morning

    • Head to Legacy Hills Golf Club in La Porte.

    • This 18-hole course offers a picturesque setting and a challenging layout.

    • Tee off and enjoy a memorable round of golf amidst beautiful scenery.

    • Grab lunch at the clubhouse before heading out to check-in at your hotel.

  • Afternoon

  • Evening

    • Enjoy a delicious dinner on sight at The Brewery Lodge.

    • After dinner you can retreat to the room, which has amazing views of the 40 acre property, or head out to explore the streams, ponds and wildlife.

Day 2

  • Morning

    • Start the day by grabbing breakfast on your way to Michigan City Golf Course in Michigan City, Indiana.

    • You have the option of playing the North or South Course, or if you want, grab a quick bite to eat at the Snack Shop and Bar after your first 18 and head out for another round.

  • Afternoon

    • After golf, head over to 4411 Inn & Suites in Michigan City, Indiana, to check in for the evening.

  • Evening

    • Venture out for dinner at the Blind Pig Tavern and Grill, in Michigan City, Indiana.

Day 3

  • Morning

    • Tee off at Elbel Park Golf Course, and experience the natural beauty of the parkland setting with its stunning terrain.

    • Elbel is a full-service golf course, so take advantage of the driving range to warm up before your round.

  • Afternoon

    • Before heading home, have lunch at the course clubhouse after your round.

Estimated Cost Breakdown per person

  • Accommodation: 2 nights at $80/night = $160

  • Golf: 4 rounds of golf at an average of $46/round = $184

  • Meals: 2 breakfasts at and average of $10/breakfast, 3 lunches at an average of $15/lunch, 2 dinners at an average of $25/dinner = $115

  • Total cost per person: $459 (gratuity not included)

  • Please note that prices may vary depending on specific dates, time of day, and availability. It's recommended to research and compare prices to ensure the best possible deal.

Indiana's golfing scene is sure to surprise and delight. Discover the charm, challenge, and natural beauty of golf in Indiana! So pack your bags, grab your clubs, and hit the road to the Hoosier State and enjoy this golf getaway!

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