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The golf towel is viewed in one of two ways by golfers: a tool or an accessory. When we designed this golf towel, we wanted to make sure we appealed to both. 


Those looking for a tool to help them keep their clubs clean and grips dry will find a microfiber towel made of a premium waffle knit that will help them gently and effectively clean their clubs. It is designed to be either hung from your bag with a carabiner or attached to your cart with the magnet for easy access. 


While those looking for an attractive towel to hang from their bag, and maybe a conversation piece for their next round, will also be pleased. With a classic black and grey color scheme, this towel will maintain its clean appearance a little longer, and with its bold script on one side and a step-and-repeat logo pattern on the other, it may even open the door for some conversation about golf around the Great Lakes!

Great Lakes Script Golf Towel

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