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Quantity: 12 balls (one dozen)

Cover: Surlyn

Layers: 3


The Tour3 Distance golf ball is designed to perform for players who are are looking for additional distance and have above average swing speeds. A three-layer design with a small core, thick mantle, and a durable surlyn cover, the Tour3 Distance golf ball outperforms expectations of a surlyn-covered ball. We have added a 3-piece alignment stripe to aid in lining up putts; a line of text bracketed by side rails helps with both large and small adjustments. 


We have conducted in-house testing to compare our golf balls to the most trusted balls on the market and we have found they compare well for both average distance and average spin. Testing driver performance with players of three different swing speeds, we found the Tour3 Distance had greater distance with lower spin. At 104 MPH swing speed, the Tour3 Distance showed an average carry of 244 yards while producing just over 2,900 RPM of spin. What this means is the Tour3 Distance out carries other balls while helping you keep it in play more often. 

Tour3 Distance Golf Ball

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