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Great Lakes Golf Company golf gloves are created with both design and durability in mind. A slightly thicker cabretta leather allows you to put a lot of time in on the course without wearing holes or tearing seams. We understand the frustration with making the turn, tearing your glove on the 11th tee, then realizing you don't have another in your bag. We looked to help you out with this by designing this glove to last.


When we were designing the gloves we wanted to provide a classic looking golf glove but to add some options that allow you bring a little extra pop to your glove game, if that's what you're looking for. 


Every detail of the glove design and construction was done to provide you the opportunity to wear a stylish, functional, and durable glove when you go to the course. 


To make it easier to carry an extra glove in your bag, look for volume discounts as you order more. 

White Golf Glove

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