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Not just another golf company...

Hey guys! We wanted to introduce ourselves through our first blog post, to anyone we haven't reached yet.

On the surface, we probably look like another golf company looking to peddle goods to golfers. However, even if you don't believe it yet, we are a little different. Yes, we do have a number of products available for people to buy, but we also don't see us as simply another golf company. We are looking to create a more rounded golf company that focuses on the Great Lakes Region. We are looking to add more products to provide alternatives to some of the big brands, while ensuring the quality of the products we offer are on par with what you would expect from some of the biggest companies out there. It isn't going to stop at products, though.

Our goals are to work with golf courses, school golf programs, golf organizations and ultimately golfers throughout the region. If we can be the conduit to help make things work more smoothly for all of these entities, then we will have served a purpose. That may sound a little altruistic, but you can trust that what we have planned moving forward will be a little different take on how things are currently done.

We aren't going to supplant Titleist, Taylor Made, or Callaway, but that also isn't our goal. Our goal is to provide a desirable alternative to those companies. So, we'd love to get to know you, and learn what we can do to make your golf experience better.

Don't hesitate to reach out, but at a minimum check back for some of the value we'll be offering moving forward.

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